Cloud Migration


Move from on-premise or other cloud provider to Google Cloud

Moving to GCP can be a difficult with Google’s numerous services and configuration options, especially if the system and architecture you want to migrate is complex and large.

We can help you to get started and transfer your existing investment to GCP, whether it is on-premise or on a different cloud provides. Find the best possible configuration with us so that you can use Google Cloud to its full potential no matter what scale the system has. Cloud Ace offers migration solutions from simple and quick “Lift & Shift” up to more complex and optimized migrations.

With Google Cloud it’s also easy to migrate a lot of popular open source services directly to the cloud, as it supports most of open source databases, deployment managers, operating systems and much more natively in the cloud resulting in a minimum of time to set up.

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Get started with Cloud Booster

Our migration service package Cloud Booster will help you get started. It includes professional migration planning, training and technical support making your cloud migration easy and quick.

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System Development


Professional technical expertise


Advantages of cloud-native solutions


Less operational costs

Leading expertise when it comes to GCP

We are highly specialized in helping companies migrate to Google Cloud Platform and help develop systems and application on the cloud in order to improve performance by achieving a cloud optimized architecture and thus reducing costs as well.

In 2019 Cloud Ace was recognized by Google for its expertise and achievements in GCP related application development and was awarded with the “Application Development Partner of the Year award” at Google Cloud Next ‘19 in San Francisco.

Reducing operational workload and costs

We help companies take advantage of the numerous managed services that GCP offers which help reduce operational workload as well as driving down costs by a great amount.

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Mobile Application Development


Develop highly efficient and powerful cloud-native mobile apps

The mBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service) Firebase is integrated in Google Cloud Platform and brings you the best of both worlds - Firebase, a powerful and comprehensive platform for mobile application development providing lots of backend development support with out of the box modules and GCP’s powerful resources which can be efficiently used in an easy and highly managed way so that you focus on coding instead of worrying about the infrastructure.

We can help you take advantage of GCP, Firebase and support you throughout the whole development processes.

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Big Data & IoT Solutions


Get the market’s fastest and most affordable data analytics tools

Google Cloud’s BigQuery™️ enables large scale data analysis and can easily handle petabytes of data and tables with billions of rows with high speed.


High cost performance for feeding in data

Google also offers powerful managed services such as Pub/Sub and IoT Core to effectively streamline lots of data. They work seamlessly with Google’s databases and data warehouses.


Seamless integration with other cloud providers

It is also possible to migrate specific workloads to GCP (such as BigQuery for big data analytics) from other cloud providers or on-premise. We can offer support for such hybrid/multi-cloud solutions.

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Migrate with Cloud Booster

Our migration service package Cloud Booster will help you get started. It includes professional migration planning, training and technical support making your cloud migration easy and quick

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GCP Comprehensive Support

This service pack is designed to help you throughout your Google Cloud usage by providing affordable technical support by our Google Cloud specialized engineers and you get a 3% GCP discout

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Google Cloud for Startups Package

We designed this service package for startups with limited budget who are using Google Cloud Platform. We give you affordable support (starting at 0 S$ and provide you with various business growth support.

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