Receive $3,500 Google Cloud credits with Cloud Ace


Why Google Cloud?


All startups need to think about business growth while working with a very limited budget. It is a great chance to take advantage of cloud technology early and use it as a cost-efficient booster for business growth while establishing a future orientated infrastructure.

Google Cloud Platform provides the most powerful tools in the cloud market for an affordable price and makes it even more accessible by giving out free credits for startups to help you grow together with the cloud. 


Cost Savings

Save costs by using free credits worth $3,500 with the chance to increase these to up to $100,000. After that you can continue using Google Cloud's powerful tools and infrastructure and continue saving costs as they are very affordable compared to other cloud providers.


Growing with you

Google Cloud is highly scalable in performance and price. With features such as auto-scaling Google automatically adjusts resources as you need them and only charges you what you actually use. As your business growths, your resources do as well without you having to worry about anything.


Focus on your business

Google Cloud offers a lot of services that take a lot of work off you. G Suite gives you a great internal platform that makes working together easy and effective, being ready out-of-the-box. Google Cloud Platform gives you a really powerful infrastructure with a lot of managed services so you can focus on what matters, your business.



In addition to resource auto-scaling, you get access to a lot of modern services for building your system or application, e.g. serverless development or containerization and orchestration to make sure that your system or application is build in a way that makes it highly stable, performant and flexible.

Offer Details

GCP & G Suite

  • $3,000 credits Google Cloud for Startups - Start Package
  • $500 credits Cloud Ace Partner credits
  • 5 G Suite users for 12 months

Training & more

  • Free Training through online training courses
  • $500 credits for Qwiklabs to get hands-on training
  • $150 off Stripe Atlas to speed up business processes

Use up at least 75% of the credits within the first year and get the chance to qualify for more free credits

Spark Package

Surge Package

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How it works

Check Requirements

  • Backed by an incubator, accelerator or VC firm
  • Not a consultancy/service, government, edu, non-profit, blog, or bitcoin/crypto-mining company
  • Less than 5 years old
  • Have received no more than a Series A funding round
  • Based in an approved territory (e.g. Singapore)
  • Have not previously received Cloud credits outside of the free-tier offering
  • Has a working website / domain


Apply through the contact at the bottom of this page.

Account Set-up

We will create an Google Cloud billing account for you and sign you up for the program.

Free Credits

Start using your free credits and all the other perks. If you use up over 75% of the credits in the first year you can qualify for more free credits as high as $20,000 or $100,000.

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