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Who is this Service Package for?

Given all the Services and Tools that Google Cloud Platform provides it can be quite hard to use it efficiently and to its full potential. We at Cloud Ace have experienced engineers who can you review your architecture, applications and anything else that you run on Google Cloud Platform, help you with technical problems and support you throughout your use.

In addition we offer you to pay in your local currency and give you a 3% discount on all GCP products!

What is this Service Package about?


US$500 Google Cloud Credits

Start using Google Cloud Platform with  US$500 credits. We help you get started and you can pay through our free partner billing service in your local currency.


Get a 3% discount on all GCP services

Working with Cloud Ace you will receive a continuous 3% discount on all services that Google Cloud Platform includes, making Google Cloud even more affordable.


Google Cloud Premier Partner

Being a Google Cloud Premier Partner and working together with Google and customers for over 10 years we have a long track record of helping customers with GCP. Customers value and trust our expertise and professionalism.

Service Tiers

Choose from 2 service tiers depending on the level of service you need

Support plan
Support plan
Pricing (per month) $0
Limited offer!
15% of the monthly billing
GCP Discount 3% 3%
Pay in Local Currency
Support Hours Weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00 Weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00
GCP Architecture Support Recommendations based on Google best practices and Cloud Ace expertise and research

(5 inquiries per month)
Problem Solving Support
Response Time within 8 work hours within 1 work hours
Contact Method E-Mail E-Mail,Phone & Zendesk
Number of Supported Users 1 user 5 users

This support responds to inquiries in the event of a GCP failure, general GCP usage methods and fees.

  1. Targets GCP service failures. The bronze plan does not deal with problems caused by your usage and settings.
  2. Isolating the main cause of the failure is the responsibility of the customer, and this support does not access the customer’s project or resource to investigate.
  3. Only serious failures (P1) where the GCP service cannot be used, except during standard response hours will be handled, and will be handled via a dedicated and agreed service window.
  4. Zendesk is a support ticket system that can be used from a web browser.

Partner Billing

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Custom Options


Additional options are available depending on what you need. Use the form below to contact us, let us know what additional services you require and we will work out a custom plan that is tailored to you.

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