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Learn about Google Cloud Platform and deepen your knowledge

We frequently hold free seminars about Google Cloud Platform across Singapore with topics for everyone. No matter if you've just heard of Google Cloud Platform and want to learn how to get started or if you're already a user and want to further deepen your knowledge.

We cover basic introductions to Google Cloud Platform as well as seminars suitable for developers where we explain and discuss topics such as cloud migration methods, automatization, Kubernetes and containerization, Machine Learning APIs, different types of architectures and more.

Make your first step towards digital modernization

Do you want to make sure that your business is up-to-date and stay competitive? If the answer is yes, then you should think about modernizing your IT through a cloud solution. Google Cloud Platform is one of the best places to start doing that. We offer free seminars where we explain how to get started and can consult or guide you on your next steps as well. 

We also do webinars in which we give an introduction to Google Cloud Platform so make sure to join one and get started.

You can check the past webinars here on YouTube! Please follow our channel !!