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Google Cloud Platform supports gaming


interview_5sg_picFive Stars Games plans, develops and operates online game apps and performs a wide range of development activities, from collaborative ventures to commissioned work and contract management projects. It also plans and develops rare native and browser game software. The gaming app “Lost Nia” was released for smartphones in February 2016. We asked Mr. Tanomiya, chief engineer for their online games business department to talk about how they built and released the game on GCP and the benefits of that.


Why did you use GCP?

We’d originally been developing “Lost Nia” in Research & Development.

We began considering public clouds other than AWS when wondering how to progress development as efficiently as possible and determined that GCP was suited to the gaming industry after considering the following points:

・No login, pay per minute, cheaper than the rest

It’s very difficult to estimate resources in the gaming industry as you don’t know when or if a game will be a hit. We could plan ahead very easily on GCP, because there was no need to reserve resources.

Services such as AWS, which don’t apply  a discount unless you sign a long-term contract, are expensive.

・You get the benefit of Google technical tools, such as Big Query

Big Quere to analyze logs. We are very satisfied with its performance as it returns results immediately, even for massive volumes of data.7-638


What benefits did you get from using Cloud Ace's services?

We use their Gold Support Partner Billing Service.

We had originally signed up directly with Google and were paying by credit card to use GCP. We decided to use Cloud Ace because we wanted consultation on making the most of GCP and they have a track record of results with lots of customers.

We used to deal with everything ourselves when we didn’t have any support like investigating the causes of systems failures, but it’s very reassuring to have Cloud Ace to consult with on such matters now.

Also, another important point is that we can consult freely when any new services come out.

The fact that they handle any invoicing problems also makes things so much easier.


How will you make the most of GCP in the future?

The question of how to reduce the database load for gaming apps with a lot of hits will also be a factor. We hope to take advantage of any new services that come out, in addition to Kubernetes, GKE and Cloud Spanner.


Mr. Tanomiya discusses various other benefits of GCP

In particular, he rated highly the fact that an environment has been created where GCP can be used at a low price with the same infrastructure as Google.

Before the release of Kubernates (a tool for automatically managing containers), Mr. Tanomiya would set up containers on GCE and manage them all manually.

This has often been introduced to the gaming industry as a ground-breaking case study.

You can see details of configuration diagrams, etc. on Five Star Games, Inc’s game development blog (in Japanese).

Mr. Tanomiya said there are lots of things he’d like to do on GCP starting with “analyzing user movements”.


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