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What is Cloud Physics?

Do you want to start your digital transformation journey but don't know where or how? CloudPhysics is a IT Collaborative Intelligence platform which features an application that helps you plan your migration to Google Cloud Platform by taking away a lot of guess work.

The application is easy to deploy in your VMware system or AWS, it collects data from your current system such as specs and usage and gives you a detailed report of your current system and shows you how it would it would translate to a cloud set up with a detailed price calculation and more.

How it works


Step 1 - Sign Up

Sign up for free and download the CloudPhysics Observer in less than 5 minutes.


Step 2 - Deploy

Install and deploy the Observer in less than 15 minutes. The software is compatible with VMware and AWS.


Step 3 - Let it do it's work

Once deployed in your environment, the Observer continuously scans and collects metadata generated by your systems and sends it to ClouPhysics platform for processing.

The Observer is a lightweight, agentless virtual appliance that uses read-only API access to grab config, task, and performance data from vCenter.


Step 4 - Get a detailed report

Track results and analytics immediately as the Observer collects data. After only 1 week you will receive a detailed breakdown of your current system, a simulation of how your system would translate to a set up on Google Cloud with a corresponding price calculation.

By doing this you save a lot of guess work and you can quickly start planning your migration.

What you get

Save costs

Save up to 50% when you migrate by rightsizing your VMs to optimally fit their resource needs.


Save time

Save up to 80% of your time in assessing your cloud readiness going from weeks to minutes.


Easy and detailed comparison

Compare side by side cost and compatibility with GCP vs running things On-Prem.


Estimate your costs

Dynamically isolate specific applications or clusters and estiamte your costs for any instance class in any GCP location around the globe.


Report Example

1. On-Prem to GCP


2. AWS to GCP


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