Our Core Team

We, at Cloud Ace Singapore, value transparency highly.

We believe that mutual trust is an important factor that drives good business relationships, so let us introduce ourselves.

Andrew Shuttleworth

Singapore Country Manager

Hi! I am Andrew, the Country Manager for Cloud Ace in Singapore. I've worked in IT for 20 years and love helping businesses take advantage of technology. I've been a fan & power user of most Google products since the early days and am loving the opportunity to help businesses take advantage of the power of the cloud.

Naoyuki Matsumoto

Vice President Engineer

Hi, I'm Naoyuki. I'm the Vice President Engineer at Cloud Ace, Singapore. I've worked in IT for 18 years and I am good at team building as well as the technical area. We will build an engineering team with a service perspective and provide services and products that meet customer needs.

Damon Leong

Senior Cloud Solutions Architect

Hi! I am Damon, Cloud Solutions Architect at Cloud Ace Singapore. I have more than 10 years of working experience in the enterprise software development industry. I provide technical expertise for designing and building mobile and web applications with integration of Google Cloud services. I focus on leveraging Google Cloud services to implement variety of products in areas such as IoT, AI/ML and Big Data.

Neya Rangesh

Senior Cloud Solutions Architect

Hi, I'm Neya. I'm a Senior Cloud Solutions Architect at Cloud Ace, Singapore. I specialize in doing full-stack software consulting, bringing my clients' ideas to life on scalable architecture. I have over a decade of experience delivering enterprise-grade, robust and scalable software solutions on Google Cloud Platform. My specializations include - Enterprise Web Application development, IoT and AI/ML projects.

Thursy Satriani

Machine Learning Engineer

Hi! I am Thursy Satriani, Machine Learning Engineer in Cloud Ace Singapore based in Batam. I have almost 2 years experience in Semiconductor dealing with final test and IoT. Recently I just finished my Master Degree in Taiwan with research topic focuses on Artificial Intelligence in Renewable Energy.

Andriy Loeffler

Marketing and Business Development

Hi! I am Andriy, Marketing and Business Development Manager at Cloud Ace Singapore. I focus on developing service offerings for our customers and make sure that our solutions are found by companies that want to use Google Cloud.

Alex Lim

Sales Specialist

Hi! I’m Alex, the sales specialist at Cloud Ace Singapore. My role is to help clients transform and develop their business using Google Cloud Platform. With 5 years of enterprise solutions servicing, I hope to be able to help transform and add value to your business.

A Global Team

Working across borders

As today's business landscape is global, the problems and difficulties that companies face are often times global as well. Because of that it is crucial to have a global team that can deal with that and work together to find suitable solutions. Cloud Ace is a global company and is the sum of all locations teams constantly working together to work out solutions that function not only locally but on a global scale as well.


One Team

We have almost 100 professional engineers in Japan with over 280 Google Cloud certifications in total and certified Google Cloud trainers, more than any other company currently in Japan. Outside of Japan we have over 30 professional engineers in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and Singapore constantly cooperating and developing global scale solutions for customers.