Chatbot Development

Learn why Google Cloud's Dialogflow is great for creating chatbots


Key Benefits

Why use a chatbot?

There are a lot of use cases for chatbot as they can be used in big variety of businesses. Implementing a chatbot is a great way to improve customer experience by creating a fast communication channel that can deliver service information, product information and many more.

On the other side of the spectrum there are chatbots that take in information and such as order requests and automatically forward it, speeding up sales processes. No matter what kind of business you are operating, there most certainly is a place where a chatbot can improve it.


Why build it with Dialogflow?

Dialogflow is one of Google Cloud Platform's tools that let you build chatbots. You can create rule based parts that can directly extract information depending on what the user request but most importantly make your chatbots smart through AI and Machine Learning.

As Dialogflow is running on Google Cloud Platform it has access to highly trained Machine Learning models that can be implemented to create chatbots that can hold natural conversations and improve quickly.

Dialogflow can accept and recognise various input methods such as voice and text on different devices and transmit the information to other Google Cloud Platform services for processing. The image below shows a typical conversational bot system architecture.


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Easy integration and set-up

Dialogflow gives you the option to deploy the chatbot on your own website or on already existing platforms such as Facebook with integration for its chat service "Messenger".


24/7 availability

By implementing a chatbot you can make sure that your customers receive the information they are looking for at any given time, can easily do bookings, place orders or do other service related actions in an easy and responsive way.


Improved user experience

Giving your customers the option get access to the exact information they need as well as booking and placing orders through a natural human-like conversation flow can improve the users experience and result in eg. higher sales.


Smart conversations

With Dialogflow and Google Cloud Platform you can create chatbots that learn from interactions with users, automatically improve and thus improve the users experience through optimized and personalized results.

Why Cloud Ace?

Google Cloud Partner

We began working together with Google over 10 years ago when Google Cloud Platform just started. Since then we are constantly cooperating with Google to provide the best tailored Google Cloud solutions for our customers.


Expertise and experience

We became a Google Cloud Premier Partner and our expertise was acknowledged by Google numerous times, for example with 8 different Google Cloud Specialization certifications. We have a lot of expertise and experience when it comes to developing applications on the cloud and received the Google Cloud Application Development Partner of the Year award in 2019.



Case Studies

Experience in building chatbots

Whether you want to build a chatbot for your website or for a messenger service, whether you want it to handle booking, orders or just provide information about your services, we can help you do that. In fact, we have experience with any of these use cases. Check out our case studies below to get an idea how you can use chatbots and how we can help you.


Customer 1 - Chatbot using Dialogflow and Firebase

For this customer we developed a Q&A chatbot that works on multiple devices, has a web UI and an independently working backend using Firebase on Google Cloud Platform. Below you can see the architecture we build for the chatbot.

Chatbot Architecture


Customer 2 - Chatbot for retailer for international customers

This customer is a supermarket that is selling take-out meals during lunch time. As the customer numbers were increasing and they were facing communication problems with foreigners they saw the need for a chatbot that could handle bookings with translation capabilities. We helped them develop a chatbot that can take lunch reservations by text and translate orders by voice in multiple languages.

Chatbot Architecture


Customer 3 - Customer service chatbot for electronics retailer

This customer has a shop for electronic devices. We helped him develop and set up a chatbot that is connected to their customer database and has access to that data. The chatbot is able to give information on their services, products and real time information on the staff's availability for reservations etc.

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