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Application Migration to Google Cloud Platform




Cloud platform migration of a customized web application & end user training for a leading photonics startup.


About the Customer: 

A Photonics provider of innovative photonic design and simulation with expertise in optical communication technology innovations with their customers. They were aiming to use their platform to demonstrate proof of concept examples of how their application showed displayed data to the cloud.

Industry: Electrical & Electronics 


Cloud Ace Role:

Cloud Ace assisted a Photonics company to migrate their web application to Google Cloud Platform. We trained the end users and produced an engagement handbook to guide the research scientists in starting projects on Google Cloud Platform. 


Project Challenge:

The customer had an existing application on another cloud provider but with no understanding of the architecture or how to use the platform, no documented access privileges and guidance on usage of best practices. Given this the team was unable to deploy new services with their cloud service provider.


The Solution:

Cloud Ace provided technical training of Google Cloud Console to research scientists for 3 months to assist them to know the basics of Google Cloud and show them how to migrate their application to Google Cloud Platform. A new virtual machine was set up on Google Cloud. This was followed by installation of their in-house application on the new VM, setup new PostgreSQL databases with data on Google Cloud. An engagement handbook on Google Cloud Platform was produced that would enable research scientists to use to create new projects on Google Cloud.


The Results:

Web Application was successfully migrated to Google Cloud Platform. The migrated application enabled the Photonics company to demonstrate prototype data of the web application on Google Cloud. A Google Cloud Platform engagement handbook was produced to assist researchers to start projects on Google Cloud console. 


About Cloud Ace:

Cloud Ace Pte. Ltd provides a comprehensive range of services to help our customers adopt Google Cloud Platform including migration, app development, IoT and AI/ML. 



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