Case Studies


Chatbot Development


Customer 1

For this customer we developed a Q&A chatbot that works on multiple devices, has a web UI and an independently working backend using Firebase on Google Cloud Platform. Below you can see the architecture we build for the chatbot.

Chatbot Architecture


Customer 2

This customer is a supermarket that is selling take-out meals during lunch time. As the customer numbers were increasing and they were facing communication problems with foreigners they saw the need for a chatbot that could handle bookings with translation capabilities. We helped them develop a chatbot that can take lunch reservations by text and translate orders by voice in multiple languages.

Chatbot Architecture


Customer 3

This customer has a shop for electronic devices. We helped him develop and set up a chatbot that is connected to their customer database and has access to that data. The chatbot is able to give information on their services, products and real time information on the staff's availability for reservations etc.

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