Learn how Cloud Ace helps businesses take advantage of the cloud

Cloud Ace has been working in partnership with Google for more than 10 years. Since Day One, it has been our goal to inform businesses about the powerful resources and services provided by Google Cloud Platform and help them take advantage.

We’ve worked together with dozens of clients and engaged in numerous projects, supporting them through
consultation, migration, development and in many other ways. Take a look and see for yourself how we work with our customers to help them leverage the power of the cloud. 

By successfully migrating two high traffic websites to Google Cloud Platform Mantan was able to run them in a stable and reliable environment while driving costs down.
Using Google Cloud Platform's firebase services and with Cloud Ace support they developed a live scores app for baseball with real time capability in less then 2.5 months.
By running their service on Google Cloud Platform Kyocera is able to handle an increasingly large amount of data and effectively analyse all of it with BigQuery.
With Cloud Ace's technical support and partner billing StarGarage was able to develop and launch their service smoothly and utilise GCP's real-time capabilities.