CloudArchitectEngineer - Cloud Architect

As an Cloud Architect at Cloud Ace you will be working on small to large scale cloud projects providing cloud expertise in IaaS and PaaS space, supporting or leading projects, translating customers business requirements and creating cloud solutions mainly using Google Cloud Platform but also identify key issues and limitations of existing architectures and develop long term target architectures and plans. Tasks and responsibilities can vary widely depending on your skills and expertise.

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Engineer - ML/AI

Google Cloud Platform offers a wide range of AI and ML related services and API's. We are searching for someone who has a deep understanding and knowledge of AI and ML related technology, especially for the services that Google Cloud Platform offers.

You will work with us, translating customers needs and create solutions using AI and ML technologies in small to large cloud projects.

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App-DevEngineer - Application Developer

As an application developer at Cloud Ace you will be involved in the whole development cycle from defining customer business requirements, translating those, developing systems and applications and planning their implementation as well as helping us evaluate and translate existing systems and architectures in the IaaS and PaaS space, focusing mainly on Google Cloud Platform. Back-End and Front-End development are both possible but depends heavily on your skills and experience.

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Screenshot 2019-09-04 at 15.35.33Business Development Specialist

We are looking for people who are passionate and energized about the potential that cloud technology offers to businesses. From the flexible elastic and cost effective infrastructure to opening the door to solutions utilizing AI/ML, big data, IoT and more.

We want people who understand what differentiates Google Cloud from other platforms and want to work in that space.

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