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Webinar: Vision AI on Google Cloud

  • Apr 29, 15:00-15:45

  • Online - link will be sent to those who register

Seminar Overview

Does your business have a lot of images? These could be of products, inspections, medical, photos from the field or pretty much anything else.

Are you getting the maximum value from these images? Are they organised and categorised? Are you able to find the images you need?

In the second part of this two part webinar, after briefly covering Google's Vision AI offerings, we will explain and give a demo of Auto ML Vision - a tool from Google that makes it easy to develop your own image intelligence models. You'll be surprised how easy it is to develop your own model using machine learning without any specialist knowledge. We'll also give examples of how businesses from different industries can potentially leverage this technology for to improve their internal processes or experience for their customers.


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Andrew Shuttleworth

Singapore Country Manager

Country Manager for Cloud Ace in Singapore. I've worked in IT for 20 years and love helping businesses take advantage of technology. I've been a fan & power user of most Google products since the early days and am loving the opportunity to help businesses take advantage of the power of the cloud.

Thursy Satriani

Machine Learning Engineer

Cloud Ace Singapore's Machine Learning Engineer based in Batam. Thursy has more than 2 years experience in semiconductors dealing with testing and IoT. Thursy has Master Degree from Taiwan with research focusesing on Artificial Intelligence in Renewable Energy.