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Service Packages

Cloud Booster

  • Professional Migration Support
  • Taylored GCP Training
  • Remote Technical Support

Perfect for everyone who wants to migrate and start using Google Cloud Platform savely and quickly

Comprehensive GCP Support

  • Professional GCP Support
  • 3% discount on GCP products
  • Pay in local currency

Perfect for everyone who needs continuous technical support and consulting for Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud for Startup Graduate

  • Discount on GCP and G Suite
  • Technical Support and Review
  • Startup Growth Support

Perfect for Startups that used up, or are about to use up their free GCP credits and need help with the transition after.

Service Fields


Cloud Migration

We can help you to get started and transfer your existing investment to GCP, whether it is on-premise or on a different cloud provides. Find the best possible configuration with us so that you can use Google Cloud to it’s full potential.


System Development

We are highly specialized in helping companies develop architectures and application on the cloud and received the Google Cloud Application Development Partner of the Year Award as an acknowledgment to our performance and achievements.


App Development

We can help you take advantage of GCP, Firebase, a powerful and comprehensive platform for mobile application development providing lots of backend development support and help you throughout the whole development processes.


Big Data Solutions

Google offers powerful, yet affordable tools for big data such as BigQuery. We can help you take of advantage of these, use them to their full potential by working out a solution which is taylored to your needs.

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 Andrew Shuttleworth

 Regional & Country Manager

 Sahil Khot

 Solutions & Delivery Manager

 Avinash Bodapati

 Cloud Solutions Engineer

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3 Reasons to choose Cloud Ace

1. Top performance in Asia

Cloud Ace is the leading Google Cloud Partner in Asia

With a long history of achievements and expertise, Cloud Ace is well positioned to answer any questions on Google Cloud Platform. We can help with migration, troubleshooting, architecture optimisation and more. Our team in Singapore collaborates with our offices in Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Taiwan to support our customers.

Multi-Award Winning & Credentialed

Our awards include Global Application Developer of the Year 2018 (presented at Cloud Next '19) and 3 year consecutive partner award winner from 2014 to 2016. We have 8 Google Cloud Specializations and over 230 certifications recognising the expertise of our team and our track record providing impeccable solutions

2. Superior & broad technology expertise

Cloud Ace handles any request regarding architecture design

We provide solutions not only for a combination of GCP services such as Google Apps and Google Maps but also integration with services on other platforms, on-premise and cloud hybrid architecture.

Experience with Google Cloud's AI, Big Data & ML & IoT technologies

One of the strength's of Google Cloud Platform is making new and burgeoning technologies more accessible. We can help you get started with these technologies to quickly achieve business value and then go deeper with more advanced functionality and customisation.

3. Payment Support & Flexibility

Pay in Singapore Dollars

Working with Cloud Ace, you can pay through bank transfer, cheque or credit card in Singapore dollars.


Our aim is to help our customers in Singapore and beyond int he way that works best for you. Looking to start with a proof of concept before moving on to something bigger? Let us know how we can help you get started with cloud.


What is Google Cloud Platform (GCP)?

Google Cloud Platform is a collection of cloud computing services offered by Google, developed using expertise from running hyper trafficked sites such as and YouTube. Services provided include high-performance and scalable virtual machines, data storage and databases, networking, big data solutions, an intelligent IoT platform, AI tools as well as a set of managementtools.